June 7, 2011

Nisa in action

Model : Nisa
Designer : Her Mummy (yup,it's me)
Photographer : It's me again!

Fabric by Michael Miller ...i found it at Ben Thant market for 3USD per meter. She wore this during her uncle's wedding as flower girl.


She got her own pose..

Peasant dress - Heather Bailey's fabric.

Being cheeky ha!

DO a DEAR....

Ignore the long thread hanging..... fabric by Heather Bailey's(yup me a fan of HB) and polka dot from Pasar Baru, Bandung.

Nisa doing Salsa!

Finally...a formal pose.


JUJUL said...

luv all Azah...congrats..good job..

Aidi Gift Creations said...
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faihah said...

Wow! Superb! Love the dresses! Ehh..boot Nisa pun cantik la..

dalla said...

Tq kak ju.

faihah,ha ..kalu boleh tiap2 hari dia nak pakai boot tuh..

Kak Zai said...

Your daughter is a natural..born to model her mom's creation :)

Renee said...

Norazah, this is such a lovely post! Your daughter is adorable and the dresses are so cute! Great job!

It has been a pleasure getting to know you on the Scrap Tiffany design team. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful designs with us!

'Looking forward to keeping in touch!

Take care,


Sheila said...

your daughter sure knows how to pose for her mom's dresses.. ^_^

dalla said...

tq Kak Zai,Sheila.

Renee, thanks to you too. yup do keep in touch.:)

Balqis Jasni said...

hi^^ cute and adorable:) love it..i did follow u:)kindly vsit my kiszydolls shop.i design dolls and sew by myself:)i hope we can keep in touch:) really admirer ur dresses:) its wonderful:)

Anonymous said...

copy paste mak dia :)