January 21, 2010

Thank you for your hospitality

My 3rd craft resolution seems on track...using stamps on every creation if possible..i repeat...IF possible..(baru 2 kad nak kecoh)...problem with us crafters we keep buying and buying ... reasons? "oh..it's new release","i don't have that theme","it's my fav designer" & blah blah blah....the actual fact is we just want to have it..bcoz we knew, we'll use it someday.....but don't know when..(simpan duit kat ASB ada gak pekdah)
Back to my below creation, the stamps are from papetreyink. These are my first purchase in year 2010. Been eyeing it since last year....at last..it's MINE.....some may think (giler ker haper pompuan nih).."just a window"...but what i like about papertrey ink is the stamps came in a set with different type of windows,doors and curtains...so wait for my paper house creation next...

Supplies for this card;

Paper: Princess Max Cherry Arte, DaisysD,Kraft by Papertrey Ink
Stamps: Home Made by Papertrey Ink, Basic Grey.
Ink: Lightning Black Brilliance
Accessories: Button, Twine, Ribbon by Papertrey Ink


nasuha ahmad helmi said...

cantik! simple and sweet.
nak tanye macam mana akak beli stamp papertreyink ni?

selalu tgk blog dt mereka macam nicole heady tu. ;p

dalla said...

i bought from them direct.

Faihah said...

giler cantik...i pun selalu mengidam nak beli dari papertrey...haha

Lybeau said...

beautiful work..am loving it...keep going...love it awesome!!!...xxoo