September 15, 2009

Mass production

Not really mass production..but what ever more than 3 with same design it consider mass..hehehe.. so what we need to make a simple raya card for close family or even friends are
4 Craft paper 6"x 4", 4 photo of your love ones size 3.5"x3", 4 patterned paper size 4.5"x3.5", a lit bit of embelishment, buttons and ribbons.
1. Make a card from brown paper craft , the front should be 5"x4" and back 6"x4", that's mean u need to cut 1"x4".
2. Tied ribbon around patterned paper.
3. Adhere patterned paper to the card

4. Adhere photo at the center of the card

5. Apply embelishement on the right corner of the cards.

6. Lastly, stamped "Selamat Hari Raya" on the card,bottom or top of the photo, any where u wish. if you do not have the stamp..u can use your own handwriting...

Really sorry that i came up late with this entry...since..raya just around the corner...but you can apply these step for any card that you wish to create.


Faihah said...

step by step lg it:) is this same with the 1 yg i nmpk tu hanging kat notice board??? heheh...

dalla said...

ha betul ...itulah dia...,yg lain utk atuk2 dia plak..