September 29, 2009

Family Toppers

Supplies: 4 circle scallop paper (cut using cuttlebug), 4 flower paper (cut by cricut), 4 sate sticks, round photo of family member & ribbons.

1. Adhere photo to scallop paper.

2. Apply stick at the back of scallop paper. 3. Adhere scallop paper to big flower paper. make sure the stick glued in between both papers.4. Tied ribbon around the stick

Where to put these toppers? Hmm...notice board, fridge...or maybe in a small vase...mine, already became part of my raya deco. Later,I might be come up with a few starter kit for sale .....yes for this project...i'll let you know the price soon..cheers.


Agnes Sim said...

wow...i like ur handmade stuff. it is so nice

dalla said...

thank you, dear.