January 15, 2009

Single details...

Recent visit to PS. I got these flowers....no name..coz i don't know it's name ..hehehhe

I wish i have my own garden, so that every morning i just can pluck a few flowers and decorate my room... Temporary, just say my garden is in PS...kah kah kah... Where & what is PS? some may wonder... Petaling Street, you can get good price there.

Normally when i received order from customer, I will ask a few questions like..
What Theme?For whom , female or male? Age? These single details will give me ideas on how to design the card later....Some will come up with their own requirement..."no flower please" hehe...

Card ordered by Haby for her dearest husband..for their 4th Wedding Anniversary.

inside card


abby said...

Thanks azah for the simple yet adorable card :