December 13, 2007

Thank you Candidsyndrome

Made this card with help from my 2 little pumpkins . A Thank You card for candidsyndrome for their lovely shoots of our Kids Journal and Nisa's birthday.

* Beige painting paper
* Designer paper
* Stiched grosgrain ribbon
* Embossing powder
* Inkandinkado stamp

* Acrylic paint, aqua & plum pink
* Beige painting paper
* Recycled paper
* Ribbon
* 2 square eyelets
* eqhwan's right hand
* nisa's right hand
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chowchow said...

Great cards Dalla. I love the one with the handprints - too precious!

dall said...

Thank you chowchow....that's why i don't use the clear stamps yet...i have the real one...hehe